Respecting human rights At Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, where luxury meets the majestic St. Lawrence, we place human rights at the heart of every experience, ensuring dignity and fairness for all.

The Riise Committee

Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu’s RIISE (Diversity and Inclusion) committee plays a key role in promoting a welcoming and inclusive workplace. Dedicated on a daily basis to ensuring that every employee feels represented and understood, the committee implements a series of initiatives aimed at enriching the corporate culture. Among these initiatives, the organisation of theme days and awareness-raising events stands out, highlighting diverse cultures, identities and perspectives. These initiatives not only celebrate diversity, but also aim to educate and encourage open dialogue on important issues relating to inclusion and equality.


The WATCH (We Act Together for Children) programme, launched by Accor in 2001, embodies the hotel group’s commitment to combating the sexual exploitation of children in the tourism sector. Through this programme, Accor mobilises its hotels worldwide to combat this scourge, by implementing concrete actions to raise awareness and train staff and customers alike. One of the visible measures of this commitment is the display of a poster at hotel reception desks, designed to inform and raise the awareness of everyone passing through the group’s establishments. This initiative reflects Accor’s desire to play an active role in protecting children and contributing to a safe and responsible tourism environment.

Accor's human rights policy

Accor’s human rights policy is based on fundamental principles designed to ensure that individual rights are respected and protected in all its establishments. This policy covers several key areas: discrimination, forced labour, working conditions, health and safety and privacy. Overall, Accor’s human rights policy demonstrates its commitment to ethical and responsible conduct in all aspects of its operations, affirming its role as a leader in the hotel industry in terms of social and environmental responsibility.