our certifications Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu has several certifications to demonstrate its commitment to a sustainable future.

Ici on recycle

Ici on recycle is a Quebec recognition programme designed to encourage industries, businesses and institutions (ICI) to adopt best practices in residual materials management.

There are 4 levels of certification, and we are aiming for the 3rd: Performance+.

Fourchette Bleue

Fourchette bleue encourages consumers, restaurateurs and fishmongers in Quebec to put on their menus the little-know species of the St. Lawrence River, in the interests of sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity. Our two restaurants, Le Saint-Laurent and Le Bellerive, are both Fourchette Bleue certified.

Aliments du Québec

Aliments du Québec is a certification program designed to identify products in which 85% of the ingredients are of Quebec origin and which have been processed in Quebec. Today, all our points of sale are Aliments du Québec certified.

Green Key Meeting

Green Key Meeting is an international certification for sustainable meetings and events, aimed at encouraging event organisers to adopt more environmentally-friendly practices. We have been 5 Keys certified since 2024.

Défi Saint-Laurent

Défi Saint-Laurent is a program aimed to reduce the consumption of single use plastic. Members of this program commit to taking simple awareness-raising and mobilisation actions to reduce their environmental footprint.

We have been working with Défi Saint-Laurent since 2019. Our commitment has earned us level 5 certification.

Bienvenues aux Cyclistes

Bienvenue aux cyclistes! is a Quebec certification aimed at identifying accommodation and campsites that offer quality services and facilities for cycle tourists.

Green Key Global

Green Key Global is the hotel industry’s sustainability certification program of choice. It is now the world’s leading sustainable tourism certification with over 3,400 certified establishments in 65 countries. Green Key Global certification is awarded to establishments that commit to a series of strict environmental criteria. Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu has been working with Green Key for over 20 years.

Our ongoing efforts in terms of sustainable development have enabled us to achieve the maximum level of Green Key Global certification, the 5 Keys.


Leed certification for existing buildings means that our building is maintained to the highest standards of sustainability and offers many benefits to building owners, occupants and the surrounding environment.


Audubon Golf is an environmental certification program for golf courses. The aim of the program is to recognise golf courses that are committed to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. We want to have the Audubon Silver level.

SheTravel Club

She Travel Club is the first label 100% dedicated to women, based on 4 pillars: safety, comfort, services and facilities and dining and entertainment.

Ocean wise

Ocean Wise certification is a recognition scheme awarded to seafood products that are fished or farmed in a sustainable way, in order to preserve the health of the oceans for future generations. It helps consumers to easily identify these sustainable options when shopping or dining out, encouraging environmentally friendly choices.