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Mallard Lounge Celebrates The Ceasar's 50th Birthday with the Five Decade Ceasar

-Toast the Caesar on Thursday, May 16 at Fairmont Hotels in BC –

The Caesar – the drink that became so popular that the Canadian parliament declared it the country’s office cocktail in 2009 – turns 50 this year. To celebrate, mixologists at Fairmont Hotels throughout British Columbia have rolled up their sleeves to create one of a kind signature drinks for National Caesar Day on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

In Victoria: In honor of the special day, Fairmont Empress held a contest to name their concoction and the Seashuck was created. An Aquavit based cocktail, it’s served with a side of garlic and dill infused Aquavit and a freshly shucked oyster. Get it while you can – it’s only on the menu for National Caesar Day and is $25 in Q Bar.

In Vancouver:

Jetside Bar at Fairmont Vancouver Airport is featuring a Lemon Beer Caesar with local lemon pale ale from Four Winds Brewing in Delta, BC, Absolute vodka, Grand Marnier, lemon juice and Mott’s Caesar mix. And the garnish? Pacific Northwest seafood is renowned among locals and travelers from around the world, and the airport is often the first (or last) place to savor it so fresh dill and smoked salmon crown the cocktail. Offered only for National Caesar Day at $16 each, it can also be made at home for a perfect patio sipper. 

Lemon Beer Caesar
1.5oz Absolute Citron 
.5oz Grand Marnier 
.5oz Lemon Juice 
Tabasco Worcester Sauce Motts Caesar Mix
Lemon Pale Ale 
Garnished with Dill & Smoked Salmon 

Notch8 at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver: The Anniversary Caesar, a mammoth and mouthwatering concoction that’s a drink AND a meal for two was inspired by Walter Chell who (as the story goes) created the drink at Marcos, a restaurant in Calgary. The Notch8 drink  includes a chorizo and roast garlic calzone as a nod to its Italian lineage, and a deep-fried clam “po’boy” smothered in tomato sauce    to reflect Chell’s love of spaghetti vongole. The mixologists took inspiration from the cowboys and cattle of the Rockies and included two smokey BBQ pork sliders, two Alberta Beef prime rib-stuffed Yorkshire puddings and two fried chicken skewers to the cocktail. And to reflect the west coast and provide local flavor, two  BC  grilled  prawn skewers were added. Garnishes  provide  crunch  with  a skewer of pickled vegetables and celery sticks to illustrate the evolution of the Caesar over the decades. The three ounces of vodka is mixed with Mott’s Clamato juice and topped  with  lime  wedges. Only offered on National Caesar  Day in Notch8,the cocktail is $99.

At Fairmont Pacific Rim, a perfect recipe  for  the  home  mixologist,  the Coastline  Caesar  was created by Botanist head bartender, Jeff Savage who was inspired by Canada’s vast 265,523 kilometers of coastline. Using local  ingredients  and  suppliers,  the  recipe  profiles scents and flavours specific to the Pacific Northwest.


1oz Sheringham Vodka
.5 oz Sheringham Aquavit
.75 oz Smoked Cedar Tisane
3 oz Walter’s Caesar Mix
1 Dash Bittered Sling Cascade Celery Bitters 


Rim glass with Old Bay Seasoning. Garnish with a dill front and small piece of smoked salmon and serve on a small cedar plank. 

In Whistler: The Mallard Bar’s 5 Decade Caesar at Fairmont Chateau WhistlerDown and dirty but oh-so drinkable, this cocktail celebrates five decades with each of the five flavour profiles. House- made Thai Chili and Orange Percolated Gin comes courtesy of acold drip system and a ten-hour timespan. Then combining the gin with vodka, traditional Clamato juice is added for some saltiness while vine ripened BC tomatoes balance with bitterness. A dash of both balsamic vinaigrette and miso add sour and umami respectively, and a splash of Burrowing Owl’s Coruja hits the sweet spot. Muddled in the glass with a five spice mix ensures all the flavours remain intact. Available for $24 throughout 2019 in the Mallard Bar.

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