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Menu Category: Continental Breakfast Buffet

Served with orange or grapefruit juice, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, Teas and herbal teas Lot 35.

Minimum 10 people

Please note that all of our buffets are available for a maximum period of two hours. Additional charges of $5.00 per person are applicable for each extra hour of service. As we refill our buffet without restrictions, we will not leave any items for coffee breaks.

Vegetarian (VEG) | Vegan (V) | Gluten-Free (GF) | Dairy-Free (DF) | Nut-Free (NF) | Contains Nuts (N) | Contains Dairy (D) | Kosher (K) | Halal (H)


Seasonal berries smoothie
Whole fruits
Selection of bagels with cream cheese, jams and butter
Selection of cereal breads from our local bakery

Create your healthy bowl!
Selection of Greek yogurt or plain yogurt
Served with a selection of chia seeds, pumpkin, sunflower, squash, hemp, flaxseed, slivered almonds, hazelnuts, pecan
nuts, grated coconut, fresh berries, maple syrup or Manoir’s honey


Platter of melons and sliced fresh fruits

Selection of freshly baked pastries from our local bakery
Selection of toasts with jam, marmalade and butter
Selection of bagels and cream cheese

Pork cretons from Charlevoix

Selection of individual yogurts

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